The New Way of Recruiting

recruiting for hotels and restaurants
Considering the growing interest of Armenian hotels and restaurants towards the recruiting services provided by, as well as the benefits that our partners receive from the cooperation, the HotelPRO, taking aim at becoming more efficient and making the cooperation more consistent, presently offers the following terms and conditions of cooperation:

  • The job announcements of hotels and restaurants are posted to for 10,000 AMD per announcement for 1 month of validity. All the CV's of the applicants are sent to the employer, who in its turn filters the CV's and arranges the entire hiring process. If the hotel or restaurant already cooperates with and buys various hotel products and services, then the job announcements are posted and promoted free of charge.

  • If the employer prefers to authorize to find relevant candidates for the position, i.e. it authorizes HotelPRO to take control of the initial recruiting process, then HotelPRO by using its vast resources finds well qualified candidates and sends them to the employer for final selection. The payment differs depending on the specialist that HotelPRO is providing.


Save your time and resources on recruiting by working with HotelPRO Recruiting. We will find the right candidates at the right time.

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