Be Unique or Sink

Virgin Hotel in Chicago
Every year more and more new hotels are opened both in Yerevan and in other cities of Armenia. These are large or small, full-service or selected -service hotels, situated in different parts of the city, each one with a different concept, appearance, interior and exterior. The competition among the hotels is very severe and will become much more severe in the near future. 

All hotels are differ from each other. Here comes a question – to what extent are these differences significant in guests’ perspective? This question is very important, because it is one of the essential factors which determine the level of profitability of a hotel. Boutique hotels have more opportunities, in terms of being different, as they are free from the design standards imposed by brands.

According to various international studies, travelers are becoming less and less loyal to a particular brand and are seeking new impressions and experiences. The penetration and domination of the global online travel agencies (OTA) in local markets, as well as the development of guest review websites like, are irreversibly changing the hospitality industry and the travel management in general. Now it’s possible to find any information about any hotel and know the guests’ opinion about it. The abundance of bad reviews can definitely “destroy” that hotel.

Surely, the cornerstone of success for each hotel is the level of service. Even if the hotel has deficiencies or is obsolete, high-level service can complement those shortcomings. Even the most luxurious and the most unique hotel will lose its guests, if bad service prevails. In many cases the builder invests the its resources in the physical qualities of the hotel, mostly ignoring the human factor. This can eventually lead the hotel to losses and bankruptcy. 

Modern hotels tend to differ from competitors in advantageous manners, if only the hotel management perceives the connection between this and the success. New services and facilities, which haven’t been heard about before, are being created. Completely new concepts emerge, which serve to specific market segments. To give a few ideas to those who are engaged in modern hotel activities, here are some success stories from Armenian and overseas hospitality industry:

1. Hotel Arcade, Amsterdam
Hotel Arcade in Amsterdam
Hotel Arkada in Amsterdam is designed for video game lovers. This 36-room hotel includes game consoles and games in each room. You can rent a game remote control and play various multiplayer games with other visitors of the bar.

There is a library full of comics in the hotel and the guests can freely use it. If after this you also need to spend your time outside the hotel, you can rent a bicycle from the bicycle park. It’s definitely recommended to try the local wonderful waffles for breakfast. 

2. Virgin hotels, Chicago
Virgin hotel Chicago
British famous innovator-businessman Richard Branson, who is always distinguished by his unique ideas, tries his abilities in hotel industry this time. He opens his first hotel in Chicago, in USA. As it was expected, the hotel has number of features, due to which it beneficially differs from its competitors. Here are some of them:

  • Unlike the inflated prices of the other hotels, the products of the mini-bars in the rooms cost the same as in ordinary shops. 
  • Each of the units, or “chambers”, as they are called here, 2 rooms inside. These lifestyle-focused rooms have a bedroom and a smaller dressing room, which is separated from the bedroom with sliding doors. The latter becomes an extra protective layer when having a guest. The dressing room includes a large closet, a wonderfully illuminated cosmetic mirror with a comfortable bench and enclosed shelves. The dressing room was created having in mind the woman traveler. According to Richard Branson, if the woman likes the room, usually the man obediently likes it, too. You can enter the bathroom through the dressing room, where there is not only an ordinary large shower, but also a bench for a comfortable foot shave.
  • Everything is unique in bedrooms, too. There everything is adjusted to the needs of modern guests: ergonomic adjustable chair, free wireless internet and electrical outlets everywhere, the bed is adapted to both peaceful sleeping and leaning back and work, a smart TV and a safety box. 
  • Yes, you may live in the hotel with your favorite pet. Here you can find special rooms for those who want to live with their pets. Corresponding animal figurines are placed at the doors of these rooms. There is also a relevant part for animals to sleep in the room. 
  • The Tesla cars which belong to the hotel can transfer you free in 3km radius.
  • Installing the “Lucy” app in your smartphone, you can manage the TV, the lighting, the warmth of your room and order room service and taxi. 

3. Secret de Paris
Secret de Paris
This cozy hotel situated in Paris, offers 7 types of thematically decorated rooms, which depict the various sights in Paris (Mussée d'Orsay, Moulin Rouge, Tour Eiffel, Opéra Garnier, Trocadero, Atelier d’Arstists). You may change your room every day in this hotel and feel the spirit of different popular places of Paris. 

4. Qbic Hotels
Qbic hotel Amsterdam
This hotel, using interestingly designed mobile modules, is basically built on unused office buildings and serves as a shelter for travelers with low-budget. In spite of its low prices, the hotel provides comfort typical to other hotels. These mobile modules are very quick to assemble and provide the guests with a comfortable bed, a TV attached to bed, shower and lavatory within a few hours. The first Qbic hotel was created in Amsterdam as a pilot version, and then another one opened already in London.

5. Paris hotel, Yerevan
Paris Hotel Yerevan
Paris hotel, is situated in the heart of Yerevan, is attractive to the visitors not only for its superb location, but also for its non-standard approaches in terms of service and facilities. Particular attention is paid to providing the guest with modern technologies. A smart TV with its Internet connection allows using Youtube, watching numerous local and foreign TV-channels, soap-operas and pay-per-view movies. All rooms include separate Wi-Fi modems, to provide private connection. And the bed with its unprecedented size, high-quality orthopedic mattress and linen entails guests’ admiration and appreciation.

6. Hotel Habita MTY, Monterrey
Habita, Monterey
This magnificent hotel, situated in Monterrey, Mexico, offers two outdoor edge pools and a bar, where it’s provided a 360o stunning view to the vast horizon of the city. All the hotel rooms contain XBOX 360 game consoles. And no any guest can stay indifferent with the amazing mosaic in the hotel lobby.

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