10 Reasons to Work in Hotel Industry


I would like to present you what the hotel jobs are attractive with, relying on my long-term work experience in the hotel industry and clearly visualizing the future in this sphere as well. This article aims to help get a better idea of the hotel industry mainly those people, who are in the initial stage of their career, who don’t like their current job in another sphere or those, who are constantly seeking their place and don’t find it. Several points refer to the hotel industry generally and others, the Armenian market particularly.
Here's the not complete list of those points.

  1. The Diversity of Jobs

    There are many departments in hotels that have their special functions. They are economic, engineering, reception, sales and marketing, restaurants and kitchens, etc., depending on the size of the hotel and its facilities. For those who are at the beginning of their career, a wide horizon opens up to try their abilities and preferences in various departments. It is possible to move to different departments within the same hotel and even being trained in other departments without moving. All this enables you to understand the hotel industry and the interconnection of its departments more profoundly, to choose the job close to your heart and plan your career.

  2. Developing Industry

    How strange as it may sound, there is a developing field in Armenia yet, and that is the hotel industry. Even with this day by day developing economic crisis numerous hotels are being planned and built in Yerevan and other cities of Armenia. In addition to already existing ones, more than ten big and small hotels are currently being constructed in Yerevan and the majority of them will be a part of an international chains in the future. Connecting to international chains makes this labour market more captivating, as the management experience developed for decades will be invested in these hotels. In addition to Yerevan, hotels are being built in Tsakhkadzor, Goris, Vanadzor, Gyumri and other cities and regions, which means increasing number of workplaces and general rising of labour culture in different regions of Armenia.

  3. Competition for Good Employees

    As far as new and new hotels emerge for the tourist flow to Armenia which doesn't increase, then the competition exacerbates among hotels both inside and outside of Yerevan more than ever. The fixed costs of the hotels are large enough and for a profitable work, the number of minimum required guests is quite big. The sense of this competition or more precisely, the decreasing profitability makes the hotel owners to take urgent measures to obtain a competitive advantage. This applies to the quality improvement of the hotels, the growth of new facilities and improvement of human resources. First of all, the hotel is a people's business, and the human factor plays a huge role in the successful operation of the hotel. From this viewpoint, it's crucial to obtain good employees and keep them in the hotel industry. This is true not only for the top management, but also for employees of lower levels. The employees, performing their job well, continually improving themselves, respecting hierarchy and having a wide vision, always enjoy a great demanded and can be paid relatively high. This competition for good employees forces the hotel leadership to improve the interior atmosphere of the hotel, develop incentive mechanisms for good employees and to allocate various types of benefits

  4. Improved Working Environment

    Generally, hotels offer improved environment for employees, and the higher is the quality of the hotel, the more improved are the hotel conditions for the workers. The hotels belonging to international chains have special standards designed for employees. It is possible that some employees will complain about the general strictness, but it is done to minimize the losses. The employees usually have their own entrance to the hotel that is controlled by the security guards. They are provided with beautiful uniforms, bathrooms and shower cabins, food and coffee breaks, frequent training programs, incentive programs to recognize the best employees, year-end parties, and gifts. The hotel managers try to do their best to improve the working atmosphere and exclude the unhealthy relationship between workers and leaders of various departments, teamwork is encouraged. In hotels it has become a widely accepted concept: treat the employee as you would like him to treat the guests.

  5. Career and Personal Growth Opportunities

    Many and many success stories are known to the hotel industry when the worker, the concierge or the kitchen worker have become the manager of a big hotel passing through different departments over time, thus growing and occupying various leading positions. Particularly in big hotels, there are many departments and various levels of leadership. If you have a vision, strong will, keen mind and are consistently striving for success, then you are doomed to succeed. Of course, this idea is true to any sphere, but it is very applicable to the hotel industry. The hotels of international chains should be particularly emphasized, where besides the chance of making progress in the same hotel, there are many opportunities to move to other hotels of the same chain in various countries and occupy high-level positions.
    There is a developed corporate culture in the hotels of international chains, and it seems as if it penetrates in the blood of the employee and then it accompanies a person over a lifetime. In the hotels belonging to international chains training programs are organized quite often, and the participation is mandatory. The work and learning go hand-in-hand which makes the progress easier. Several hotels also organize foreign language courses, they can finance the foreign language learning in other places, they can even increase the salary when the employee has learned a new language on his own. One of the conveniences of working and making progress in the hotel is that the work experience and education are not mandatory. However, there are many opportunities for progress when they exist. Follow the Vacancies section at www.hotel-consulting.am and you will receive fresh information on job openings in the Armenian hotel industry. Generally, it is normal to make progress each 1.5-2 years. If you occupy the same position for more than two years, it means you have stagnated, and you should think about progress more often, albeit in other hotels that can be larger and of higher level.

  6. Opportunity of Higher Salary

    At the beginning of the career, at the lower levels, it makes no sense to wait for high salary when working in a hotel. It may even be ridiculously low. The salary starts to grow substantially in parallel with career growth. Approximately the ratio can be the following: if the salary is X AMD in the lower levels, then that of the manager of the next level can be 1.3-1.5 X, the next level 2.5-3.0X, and higher 5.0-8.0X. Indeed, the size and class of the hotel matters as well. In the hotels belonging to international chains, the differences can be even greater. Of course, if you have decided to become a millionaire, then you can't do it by working in the hotel industry, unless you are the owner of the hotel.

  7. Formation of Positive Attitude

    In the service sector, they always require smiling as part of good service. Even if at the beginning of your work in a hotel smiling seems difficult or artificial, then it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle and working over the time. The smile changes a person, makes him optimistic, cheerful, regardless the difficulties of life. Making a career in the hotel industry mainly depends on the positive value system and attitude of the individual and the sincere smile is its integral part and expression. The smile has its obvious effect on other people and the relationships being built among employees. In the hotel sector and service sphere generally people are changed. Gradually they develop positive attitude and value system that differentiates them from workers in other fields. The employees of hotels are more sociable and establish new connections easier.

  8. Interesting Job

    The hotel work is very dynamic, full of changes and interesting. It basically gives an opportunity to communicate with new people, and carriers of cultures of various countries, to deal with different situations and find solutions to various problems. Funny incidents also happen often that give bright colours to your work experience. It is also possible that there will be no progress (how odd it may sound, not everyone is aspired to be a leader), people may live and work in a hotel in the same position long enough, even over a lifetime and feel fully satisfied with their job and achievements.

  9. Opportunities of Travelling

    As employees of the tourism sector, the chances of travelling, visiting various countries and cities are great. It may be in the form of visiting sister hotels for experience exchange. It may be for participating in different international exhibitions relating tourism and for training. The hotels usually finance such kind of trips. The employees of hotels belonging to international chains may receive significant discounts for sister hotels operating in other countries, which makes it possible to spend holidays in other countries. The participation in seminars, conferences and other business meetings organized by international hotel networks in various countries increases the sense of job satisfaction.

  10. Possibilities of Planning Personal Life

    This is a bit contradictory statement, depending on the individual expectations. Such kind of expressions are common in the hotel sector, "Married to the hotel", "If you have not got married before your work in the hotel, then you will never marry". Quite often the hotel work engages people so much that there remains no time for marriage. Nevertheless, there are excellent opportunities to settle the personal life and to find a friend for life. It is related to the possibility of the extremely fast-growing circle of acquaintances, becoming more sociable, communicating with colleagues with positive attitude. There are many successful love and marriage stories, happy couples, who have found each other during the working period in the hotel industry.

Here were ten points about the advantages of working in the hotel industry. The list may be continued, but so far it is enough. It is important that you love your job and strive to be and do more. Is it captivating? Contact Noor Hospitality to get promoted and advance in your career and reach success.

Manvel Arevshatyan

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