Sales Outsourcing Service

Sales Outsourcing
Give the hotels operating outside Yerevan a dedicated sales manager, who will handle all the sales activities in Yerevan, as well as provide the hotels with other professional S&M services that will give them a competitive edge in their market.

All the hotels operating in the regions of Armenia and Karabakh, also in Georgia and other areas that have interest in the Yerevan market.

  • A well-trained sales manager in Yerevan
  • Office space for the meetings and work
  • A contact person in Yerevan that will handle sales and other business needs of the hotel
  • Acquisition of new business partners, corporate accounts and travel agencies, guests
  • Customer relationship management in the Yerevan market
  • Proactive approach to the market events that will increase the chances to grab a profitable business
  • Consulting to hotels on better sales organization and other service improvements

The most essential services that will enable a hotel to widen the customer base through aggressive sales
  • PREMIUM (Recommended)
An advanced option that means a wider scope of presentation of for hotels, trainings, consulting 
The full option that encompasses all the modern S&M services for hotels 

  • Make a list of target corporate accounts and travel agencies in Yerevan
  • Prepare a quality multilingual presentation of the hotel
  • Visit the accounts and offer the hotel’s facilities and services in accordance with the selling strategy of the hotel, solicit room and function business from them
  • Meet travel agencies and present them the hotel and the rates, solicit business from them
  • Sign contracts of cooperation with the target accounts
  • Become a contact person for the hotel in Yerevan, arrange communication,  document exchange and other work upon request
  • Receive enquiries from the business partners, make a deal and pass the business to the hotel
  • Consistently communicate with the business partners, meet the guests in Yerevan, implement CRM
  • Talk to advertising channels and negotiate lower cluster prices for slots (if negotiated for multiple hotels, bigger discounts will be granted)
  • Make the office of Noor Hospitality the Yerevan office for the hotels, where the sales manager can meet with business partners and guests
  • Report on daily, weekly and monthly basis that will be sent to the top management and the owners of the hotel
  • Promote the hotel’s restaurants and business facilities to the potential clients
  • Arrange printing and distributing the advertising materials and other collateral in Yerevan
  • Acquisition of profitable business for the hotel by maximizing the output of the sales channel

PREMIUM (Recommended)
STANDARD + all the services of the PREMIUM package below

  • Present the hotel in the trade shows both in Yerevan and abroad that have potential for the hotel
  • Analyze the competition set of the hotel, compare the prices, refine the sell strategy of the hotel by giving pricing recommendations to the partner hotels
  • Train the partner hotel’s local sales staff once a month (Monthly training plan will be composed based on the hotel’s needs)
  • Analyze the sales channels of the hotel and make performance optimization, activate hotel in all the strong OTA's
  • Analyze the website of the hotel and make content and appearance revisions as per need
  • Suggest promotion ideas that will attract more guests for the hotels and stay competitive
  • Work is done by a Profi level sales manager

PREMIUM + all the extra services below
  • Make monthly, 3-month and yearly forecast of the revenues
  • Make a business plan for the year
  • Make a marketing plan for the hotel for the upcoming 12 months
  • Coordinate the presence of the hotel in the social media, engage professionals to consistently promote the hotel
  • Implement comprehensive revenue management for the hotel
  • Revenue management meetings with the hotel's top management once a month
  • Work is done by a Guru level sales manager

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