Security Control System

  • Security Control System
    Security Control System
  • Security Control System
    Security Control System
  • Security Control System
    Security Control System
This system that allows to put control on the work and schedule of the security guards, immediately increases the productivity and efficiency of the guards through checking the routs and times of visiting certain checkpoints in the real time. 

The main characteristics of the security control system are the following:
  • Real time and backward control
  • Quick discovery of failures of the guards
  • Control is implemented by a PC, tablet or telephone
  • History and reporting

This security control system is strongly recommended to be installed and consistently used in mid-size and big hotels and hotel complexes.

  • iButton RT checking unit
  • iButton for the checkpoints
  • software for PC and Macs
  • a mobile app

How the system works

On the route of the guard iButtons are attached in or proximity of important places to be checked. These iButtons are possible to use both inside of a building and outdoors. The security guard, in his route touches the iButton checkpoints with the iButton RT gadget, which registers the touch and send the signal through GPRS to the servers. The details like the place and time of the visit are shown in the app or software.

The installation of the system is done very fast and straightforward and the training is very intuitive and easy to comprehend. Considering the benefits of the installation and usage of this system with the associated cost makes this solution just an unbelievable deal, especially when the area to control is big enough.

If you are interested in having the security control system installed in your hotel or other area, please call us at +374 93 24 0774 or write to

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